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The story of DK has been one of spectacular growth and phenomenal recognition. From a modest beginning in the year 1968 when it was set up by Late Mr. Khazanchand Mittal (1913-1986) as a promoter of indigenous publications in English, the DK stands today as a proud example of all that an organisation can achieve through the right vision and the commitment to carry it through.  We are today among the topmost service organisations in India, catering to a vast global clientele that comprises of scholars, academicians, book-lovers and public libraries.

DK began as a family owned business that blended traditional Indian values, the modern spirit and professionalism in a rare blend. We have always emphasised on a management vision which is concretely manifest in the highly personalised yet very professionally organised services we offer. We are known for our efficiency  that has been achieved through automation and our ability to wholeheartedly cater to our customers by helping them locate and providing them any and every publication they wish to have— even if it is a title from the most obscurest of publishers.

What is our Role?

The Indian book publishing industry has today a vitality of its own. The prolific growth of publishers in its towns and cities has resulted in thousands of books/periodicals being produced in not only English but also other national/regional languages every year. Many of these publications are of great merit and valuable contributions keeping the cultural, ethnic and linguistic pluralities of the Indian society in mind. However, not all of them are easily accessible. Indeed, finding a book/journal published by, say, a publisher in a remote town, could prove a difficult task for customers. And herein is the significance of an organisation like DK. We, at DK, with our amazing resourcefulness and expertise in the field, can locate any title published in the country.