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dkagencies| Year after Year, for three decades now, DK has offered Subscription services to myriad overseas customers in an attempt to help them procure speedily and without fail Indian journals/periodicals, both regular and irregular, on a number of subjects—science and technology, social sciences and humanities. Our Subscription services are rated as ‘the’ best in India. Our genuine concern is to ensure that you receive all the issues of the periodicals/serials you subscribe through us, even if it means, at times, transcending our commercial interests.

Ours is a pragmatic approach to the management of journal/periodical subscriptions and their attendant problems. We first procure the periodicals ourselves, thoroughly check all the issues to identify the missing numbers, defective pieces and other discrepancies, re-pack them with scrupulous care to ensure their in-transit safety and mail them by registered post which minimises losses in the course of the long journeys across continents. We make very few demands upon our customers’ time.

The salient features of our Subscriptions services are:

•    We handle both Standing Subscription Orders and Renewal Based Orders with equal efficiency.
•    Proforma Invoices are drawn twice a year—once for regularly published periodicals and once for the delayed ones. A new charge is not raised unless some issues of the previous volumes have been sent already. In an effort to aid the customers, they have to make only two payments in a year for all their subscriptions.
•    Each packet has a packing voucher detailing title, volume and issue number, period and number of copies.
•    Supplemental materials like indexes, special issues and supplements are sent to customers regularly.
•    We take care of cancellations immediately and give refund credits for the subsequent/following year in most cases.
•    Customers are always informed if there is any discontinuation or delay in publication of a journal/periodical, or if there is any change in its title.

DK has won universal appreciation from numerous customers for ensuring a prompt and efficient supply of journal/periodical issues.