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Indian Books- dkagencies

Indian Books- DK is one among the major booksellers and subscription agents handling books originating from India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Indian Books are available in English and all other vernaculars (local languages).


Indian Books

In India, there are thousands of languages and dialects, Books are regularly published in the major Indian languages from different towns and cities, from the various regions of India. Locating a book/journal by a publisher in a remote town could prove a difficult task for customers. Here is where our reach and expertise comes into play. Be it a book, journals, continuations, series, or seminar proceedings relating to any subject, be it in English or in any of the major Indian languages, whether it is published by the government departments, research institutions, learned societies, private publishers, NGOs or even individuals—we proudly say that we can make available any title required by our customers!

Beginning with English language books, we expanded our services to include Sanskrit and Tibetan language books and those in all the major Indian languages. We started cataloguing Sanskrit language books towards the end of the 1970s and added books in the national language Hindi later. Today, we receive nearly 15,000 books of Indian origin in all these Indian languages. The Indian languages in which we offer services are as follows:

Hindi (different dialects)

The books are from various sources. All the Indian regional language books are catalogued at DK with utmost care and attention following the same level of cataloguing parameters as we do for books in English, Sanskrit, Hindi books. The cataloging is done in Romanised format using diacritical marks as per ALA/LC Romanisation Tables. Due care is given to catalogue classical Sanskrit works using uniform title wherever necessary. The software at DK supports MARC21 records to be available in Devanagari script for major fields.