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Indian Books- DK is one among the major booksellers and subscription agents handling books originating from India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Indian Books are available in English and all other vernaculars (local languages).


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Bibliographic Records are created at DK for each  periodical/continuation appearing from India. The records are made available to libraries through lists of periodicals compiled every now and then; subscribers’ guide to Indian periodicals/serials; lists, by subjects, of available backsets of periodicals; and MARC21 records for serials.

MARC21 Records with books

DK has made remarkable strides in cataloguing of books since the beginning. A salient feature has been the attempt to follow established authorities in cataloguing. We followed first the AACR-I and then switched to AACR-II and thereafter to AACR-II with ISBD-with the help of our qualified librarians. With introduction of computers in DK in 1986, we switched over to an online cataloguing environment from 1991, coming out with the USMARC records in 1996 and ushering in the MARC21 later.

DK now offers MARC21 records for books published in the South Asian countries. We have made available MARC21 records for also books in the many Indian languages which are not in the Roman script (ALA/LC Romanisation tables for books not in Roman script). Created by professionally qualified and trained librarians, it includes Dewey Decimal Classification and LC subject headings from the online edition.

MARC21 with Tag 880

A remarkable addition to the MARC21 records has been the inclusion of  Tag 880. Tag 880 denotes Alternate Graphic Representation of another field in the same record, which would be the script of various Indian languages in which we deal with. With the aid of our experts, we have developed our in-house software through which we can produce Tag 880 for records of all the books in the Indian languages that are not in Roman script. The significance of Tag 880 is that with this, librarians and end users can search, locate and file a book. We have made available this feature for South Asian books as well for a minimal additional cost. Tag 880s are generated in UTF-8 so that most systems can support it. Tag 880 is available for all the Indian/South Asian languages: Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Nepali, Oriya, Punjabi, Sanskrit, Telugu, Tibetan and Urdu.


Often, libraries have old collections of books or other material in South Asian languages that are reflected poorly or not at all on their catalogue databases. In such a case, we offer to provide MARC21 records for such collections. This is our Retrospective Conversion (Retrocon) Services. This is immensely significant as it helps a library to retrospectively catalogue its material, which otherwise may exist unrecorded and so be of no use. Be it a large library or a small library or a consortium, we, with our technical background in the field of library science, have proved capable of providing Retrocon Services. The kind of Retrocon services we offer include conversion of records in paper/card format into electronic records (MARC21 formats using AACR-II R and cataloguing of books that are awaiting cataloguing. There is no need to forward the books to the libraries in the latter case; some elementary procedures would be required and it is then entirely upon our hands to create the desired records. The old records in ANSI/Marc-8 can be converted into Unicode/UTF-8 for libraries without burdening them with any additional work.

INDscripteR and INDenhanceR

INDscripteR, the very first software created by the Software Division of DK, supports conversion of Romanised text as per ALA/LC Romanisation tables into the original Indus script of that very language using Unicode. This is in order to help librarians and library users look at and identify a product data on the computer screen in the scripts in which it is originally available. We make available INDscripteR for converting texts into most of the major Indian languages as well as Tibetan. INDscripteR is easy and convenient for the end user. Various options of licensing/billing are made available customised to the user requirement and regular updates of the software are made available to the customer.

INDenhanceR, a new product created by our Software Division, is a tool for enhancing MARC records with Indian/South Asian scripts. It is used for enhancing MARC records with Tag 880 (Alternate Graphic Representation) in the original script of the book using Unicode. Using INDenhanceR is simple: the librarian has to simply open a file containing various MARC records of one particular language, run the batch conversion process and save the file. The software can be used as a MARC records editor as well. You can convert MARC-8 records into UTF-8 using it. Among its salient features are that it works on the basis of Unicode for worldwide usage and works strictly according to ALA-LC Romanisation tables (a standard transliterations scheme approved by the Library of Congress and American Library Association). It is available for all the major Indian languages and can be customised as per customers’ needs.

Indian Books

Nepali Books, Indian Books

Nepali Books

dkagencies| Year after Year, for three decades now, DK has offered Subscription services to myriad overseas customers in an attempt to help them procure speedily and without fail Indian journals/periodicals, both regular and irregular, on a number of subjects—science and technology, social sciences and humanities. Our Subscription services are rated as ‘the’ best in India. Our genuine concern is to ensure that you receive all the issues of the periodicals/serials you subscribe through us, even if it means, at times, transcending our commercial interests.

Ours is a pragmatic approach to the management of journal/periodical subscriptions and their attendant problems. We first procure the periodicals ourselves, thoroughly check all the issues to identify the missing numbers, defective pieces and other discrepancies, re-pack them with scrupulous care to ensure their in-transit safety and mail them by registered post which minimises losses in the course of the long journeys across continents. We make very few demands upon our customers’ time.

The salient features of our Subscriptions services are:

•    We handle both Standing Subscription Orders and Renewal Based Orders with equal efficiency.
•    Proforma Invoices are drawn twice a year—once for regularly published periodicals and once for the delayed ones. A new charge is not raised unless some issues of the previous volumes have been sent already. In an effort to aid the customers, they have to make only two payments in a year for all their subscriptions.
•    Each packet has a packing voucher detailing title, volume and issue number, period and number of copies.
•    Supplemental materials like indexes, special issues and supplements are sent to customers regularly.
•    We take care of cancellations immediately and give refund credits for the subsequent/following year in most cases.
•    Customers are always informed if there is any discontinuation or delay in publication of a journal/periodical, or if there is any change in its title.

DK has won universal appreciation from numerous customers for ensuring a prompt and efficient supply of journal/periodical issues.

Indian Books, Indian Books Shop

The story of DK has been one of spectacular growth and phenomenal recognition. From a modest beginning in the year 1968 when it was set up by Late Mr. Khazanchand Mittal (1913-1986) as a promoter of indigenous publications in English, the DK stands today as a proud example of all that an organisation can achieve through the right vision and the commitment to carry it through.  We are today among the topmost service organisations in India, catering to a vast global clientele that comprises of scholars, academicians, book-lovers and public libraries.

DK began as a family owned business that blended traditional Indian values, the modern spirit and professionalism in a rare blend. We have always emphasised on a management vision which is concretely manifest in the highly personalised yet very professionally organised services we offer. We are known for our efficiency  that has been achieved through automation and our ability to wholeheartedly cater to our customers by helping them locate and providing them any and every publication they wish to have— even if it is a title from the most obscurest of publishers.

What is our Role?

The Indian book publishing industry has today a vitality of its own. The prolific growth of publishers in its towns and cities has resulted in thousands of books/periodicals being produced in not only English but also other national/regional languages every year. Many of these publications are of great merit and valuable contributions keeping the cultural, ethnic and linguistic pluralities of the Indian society in mind. However, not all of them are easily accessible. Indeed, finding a book/journal published by, say, a publisher in a remote town, could prove a difficult task for customers. And herein is the significance of an organisation like DK. We, at DK, with our amazing resourcefulness and expertise in the field, can locate any title published in the country.

Indian Books

In India, there are thousands of languages and dialects, Books are regularly published in the major Indian languages from different towns and cities, from the various regions of India. Locating a book/journal by a publisher in a remote town could prove a difficult task for customers. Here is where our reach and expertise comes into play. Be it a book, journals, continuations, series, or seminar proceedings relating to any subject, be it in English or in any of the major Indian languages, whether it is published by the government departments, research institutions, learned societies, private publishers, NGOs or even individuals—we proudly say that we can make available any title required by our customers!

Beginning with English language books, we expanded our services to include Sanskrit and Tibetan language books and those in all the major Indian languages. We started cataloguing Sanskrit language books towards the end of the 1970s and added books in the national language Hindi later. Today, we receive nearly 15,000 books of Indian origin in all these Indian languages. The Indian languages in which we offer services are as follows:

Hindi (different dialects)

The books are from various sources. All the Indian regional language books are catalogued at DK with utmost care and attention following the same level of cataloguing parameters as we do for books in English, Sanskrit, Hindi books. The cataloging is done in Romanised format using diacritical marks as per ALA/LC Romanisation Tables. Due care is given to catalogue classical Sanskrit works using uniform title wherever necessary. The software at DK supports MARC21 records to be available in Devanagari script for major fields.